Speak Softly as You’re Carrying the Big Stick!

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Hedge Fund Speed Dating: Efficient, effective…but only if approached correctly

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Seasoned hedge fund firms close their doors

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Emerging hedge fund firms facing many roadblocks

Emerging hedge fund firms facing many roadblocks A Castle [...]

Andrew Saunders and Matt Donaldson describe the challenges and opportunities of raising capital on the West Coast in this month’s publication of HFM Investor Relations

Control the Controllables: Thrive and Grow in 2017

by Andrew Saunders, Co-Founder and Senior Managing [...]

Andrew Saunders, Senior Managing Partner of Castle Hill Capital Partners, was featured in HFM Investor Relations on the emergence of marketing consultants as a new force in hedge fund capital raising.

Alpha, Assets and Your Prime

Rethinking Prime Brokerage for smaller hedge funds: why funds should [...]

Anatomy of a Comeback: 5 lessons for how to recover and thrive

From Absolute Return, posted May 27, 2015 [...]