Seasoned hedge fund firms close their doors

Tough environment has hedge funds heading for the exits Challenging times for investment firms are causing hedge funds to close down and the industry to change, according to Andrew [...]

Emerging hedge fund firms facing many roadblocks

Emerging hedge fund firms facing many roadblocks A Castle Hill Capital Partners Co-founder and Senior Managing Director was featured in recent Pensions & Investments story on emerging manager [...]

Andrew Saunders and Matt Donaldson describe the challenges and opportunities of raising capital on the West Coast in this month’s publication of HFM Investor Relations

There’s plenty of investment capital in California but for hedge funds, prospects are not always golden. Andrew Saunders and Matt Donaldson of Castle Hill Capital Partners highlight some of the [...]

Control the Controllables: Thrive and Grow in 2017

by Andrew Saunders, Co-Founder and Senior Managing Director, Castle Hill Capital Partners, Inc. The New Year starts with a litany of top ten predictions on the hedge fund industry.  I find these [...]

Andrew Saunders, Senior Managing Partner of Castle Hill Capital Partners, was featured in HFM Investor Relations on the emergence of marketing consultants as a new force in hedge fund capital raising.

Andrew Saunders was a featured writer in this month’s publication of HFM Investor Relations, where he discussed how hedge funds need to professionalize their asset raising process and move away [...]

Alpha, Assets and Your Prime

Rethinking Prime Brokerage for smaller hedge funds: why funds should strategically expand their network of service providers to increase their “Alpha and Assets.” By Brian Stutman [...]

Anatomy of a Comeback: 5 lessons for how to recover and thrive

From Absolute Return, posted May 27, 2015 [...]