Strategic Capital Introduction

A Thoughtful, Strategic Evolution of the Capital Introduction Model

Castle Hill Capital Partners offers our clients an enhanced and evolved capital introduction service offering. We work comprehensively and creatively to leverage all possible marketing opportunities to achieve our clients’ business development goals. By selecting only a few clients to work with, we go deep on the strategy and act as trusted marketing adviser.

As a broker/dealer we have flexibility in the collaborative agreements we agree to with our clients – but we ensure that our incentives and motivation are aligned at all times. We work comprehensively and creatively to leverage all possible marketing opportunities to achieve our clients’ business development goals.

A Process Driven Approach

We advocate a dedicated thoughtful process over ad hoc transactional marketing. In order to be successful, funds must apply constant effort, conduct routine evaluation and continuously enhance the program. Our focus on a select few clients affords us the opportunity and bandwidth to support the marketing effort through all relevant channels. We combine numerous, relevant investor introductions and bespoke events with a comprehensive look at all brand-building channels including conferences, financial media, social media, databases and building out our clients marketing and client on-boarding infrastructure.

Our process is informed by our daily interaction with sophisticated hedge fund investors – some of whom are our clients. We circulate this asset allocation intelligence to our clients to inform and improve their ongoing efforts.

It Starts with a Clear Message

Our team conducts a comprehensive audit of all external communication materials – filling in gaps and enhancing where necessary.  We work with professional graphic designers to craft a suite of materials that have a message that matches the strategy and performance and focuses on the unique needs of the client. Collaboratively with our clients, we evaluate tactical branding initiatives through financial media, social media, hedge fund databases, events and closed investor introduction websites.

Then We Get to Work

We then review our clients’ investor pipelines prioritizing and segmenting the most relevant targets and crafting a marketing calendar that incorporates the best events and most relevant prospect trips.

We work closely with our clients to help them craft their marketing calendar and join them at capital introduction conferences and industry events by arranging meetings, participating in 1:1 and group meetings and following up to gather feedback.

On an ongoing basis provide relevant investor introductions by augmenting existing roadshows, planning custom trips or individual 1:1 meetings. Throughout the process we collect feedback to improve the ongoing effort.

Castle Hill Capital Partners hosts a series of our own investor introduction events that are tailored for the specific requirements of our clients. Our events drive meaningful introductions to our core group of carefully chosen clients. Please refer to our event calendar for upcoming events.

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