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News  •  November 3, 2015

DoDiligence – Reinventing the Due Diligence Process

Castle Hill Capital Partners, Inc. was proud to participate in the Uncorrelated’s thought leadership workshop on due diligence, and we’re excited to share our conclusions in a white paper issued today. Our mission is to help shorten an inefficient marketing process, and the findings in DoDiligence – Reinventing the Due Diligence Process go a long way to achieve that goal.

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News  •  October 28, 2015

Castle Hill Capital Partners, Inc. Wins HFMWeek Award for “Best Independent Capital Introduction Provider”

Castle Hill Capital Partners, Inc., announced today that it received the “2015 Best Independent Capital Introduction Provider” from HFMWeek. The award recognizes the unique Alpha and Assets advisory model the firm has developed since its launch last year.

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NewsThought Leadership  •  October 15, 2015

Alpha, Assets and Your Prime

Rethinking Prime Brokerage for smaller hedge funds: why funds should strategically expand their network of service providers to increase their “Alpha and Assets.”

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NewsThought Leadership  •  May 28, 2015

Anatomy of a Comeback: 5 lessons for how to recover and thrive

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News  •  April 14, 2015

John Quartararo Joins Castle Hill Capital Partners, Inc.

Initial investor and senior partner of Merlin Securities joins Castle Hill as partner and senior managing director and will provide strategic counsel on capital raising and business consulting.

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News  •  March 18, 2015

Castle Hill Capital Partners, Inc. Featured in Article on the Future of Capital Introduction

In a more profitable, clubby pre-2008 world, cap intro desks were once the sole source of investor intelligence and access to capital. But the cap intro function sits within prime brokerage out of evolutionary convenience, rather than business logic. Following the crash, major prime brokers have shed vast numbers of unprofitable clients, leaving managers to navigate on their own.

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