Research Services

Quantitative, Objective, Accretive

Castle Hill Capital Partners developed a strategic and exclusive partnership with an entrepreneurial research firm located on the West Coast. Incubated within a hedge fund, the team has created a unique quantitative and objective view on intermediate term market risk. Using the system, the firm had 12 straight positive years including during all major market drawdowns.

The system serves to provide fast insight on key questions facing Portfolio Managers:

  • Are we at a market inflection point?
  • Is there contagion from one sector to adjacent sectors?
  • Where can I look for good long ideas?
  • Where should I focus on short ideas?

Our two firms share an entrepreneurial mindset and singular focus on improving client outcomes.  The partnership is predicated on selectively offering the product to teams that have a fundamental research process. The team has amassed an impressive client list of long-only and major hedge funds and recently launched a SaaS web application that makes the system observations easier to implement into their investment process.

Clients work directly with the system and through periodic calls with the leadership team to help interpret the system data.

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