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NewsThought Leadership  •  October 3, 2016

Andrew Saunders, Senior Managing Partner of Castle Hill Capital Partners, was featured in HFM Investor Relations on the emergence of marketing consultants as a new force in hedge fund capital raising.

Andrew Saunders was a featured writer in this month’s publication of HFM Investor Relations, where he discussed how hedge funds need to professionalize their asset raising process and move away from a traditional transactional approach. Mr. Saunders suggests working with a marketing consultant to create and implement a comprehensive marketing plan around message development and tactical, strategic investor outreach.

Andrew Saunders explains: “The evolution of the hedge fund industry continues. Firms are adapting to the increasing expectations of their clients and need to work harder than ever to overcome current investor skepticism. Long-term partnership-focused marketing consultants can help meet the increasingly complex challenges that managers face.

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